In 2018 - Don't Think, Meat... Just Throw

As you head back into your daily routine after the New Year's weekend, you're going to be tested as to how serious you are about keeping your resolutions. Not only will your day to day life start to get in the way, but YOU are going to get in your own way.

Resolutions are great... if you can keep them.

By the end of the first week back to your normal life, though, all the excitement about all the things you were going to accomplish this year will begin to fade.

Life will get in the way.

You'll get in the way.

You'll start thinking too much, building imaginary momentum and suffering from the dreaded disease of perfectionism.

That's why one of the beliefs of Second Life Coaching is "forget safety". 

Change is never safe. It's scary, messy, and often looks like chaos until it's accomplished.

Make this the year you go out and just throw.

Quit thinking about it, or come January 1, 2019, you'll be in the same place you are now.

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