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What Men Really Want: To Feel Safe

There's no deficit of relationship advice for men on how to make your woman feel safe. There is far less advice for women on how to make their men feel safe. In order to open up, be vulnerable, and have the sort of intimacy that is the hallmark of a strong, long lasting relationship men need to feel safe.

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Building Walls, Setting Boundaries, And Dealing With Social Media Stalkers

Communication is the first casualty in any broken relationship. In today's social media driven world, it's even more difficult a challenge. 

In order to heal, you may need to build walls to prevent angry communications and quiet the noise so you can focus on you and what your life is going to be going forward. 

Once the noise settles, you can then open up doors to let those kinds of people who you want to be in community with into your life.

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How To Deal With Angry And Abusive Messages

It's inevitable that at some point you'll receive angry or even abusive messages from your EC. It can be through Social Media like Facebook, angry voicemails, or even through text messaging. 

In this video I teach you the three ways to handle your response to these messages, two of which are total non-starters. 

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