Episode 001 - What Is A 21st Century Man?

The world is changing faster than ever. Gone is the world of our fathers and grandfathers and, well, pretty much everything we grew up believing the world was going to be. The things we grew up with that now seem like relics of a bygone era are things like:

  • Being able to work for one company your entire career 
  • Counting on being able to retire while you can enjoy it
  • Family dinners around the table
  • Family time around the television enjoying each other's company
  • Weekends to relax
  • Meaningful connections with our families

Today's fast paced, social media driven world has disrupted what we always thought a normal family life would be.

Changes in the business world have left us working longer and harder than ever before. The stress of competition within the workplace now leaves us drained physically and emotionally and has taken almost all the satisfaction out of our work lives.

The demands on our time, ever increasing with kids' events and school functions, leaves us little time to engage in self care and we've become a society of "Dad Bod" men.

The stress of our daily lives impacts our health, our sex drive, our marriages... is it any wonder why 6 million men every year struggle with depression?

Is it any wonder why middle aged men are the demographic with the highest rate of suicide?

It's far beyond time to reverse the tide.

It's time to redefine manhood for the 21st Century.

Let's journey together to create a movement of men for the 21st century that can and will impact the world for generations to come.