Episode 003 - The Golden Handcuffs

Break Free From The Golden Handcuffs

I know it's hard. Once you've reached a certain age, certain position, and a certain salary, the thought of changing jobs, much less changing careers, seems like nothing more than a fantasy. You've been working so long, advanced so far, that unless you're part of the 'Mahogany Row' crowd, there ain't nobody that's going to pay you what you're worth in a new position.

Sorry, but that is nothing more than a bullshit story you tell yourself to justify staying someplace you hate, biding your time until retirement.

How do I know?

I used to believe it.

Listen to the podcast and learn how I, a 40 year old guy without a technical degree, was able to get past the resume screening computers and secure a new engineering job in a new state that paid me what I am worth.