Episode 012 - When Life Gives You More Than You Can Handle...

God/Life/The Universe often gives us more than we can handle. The purpose isn't to break us, but to teach us to lean on those around us for help. A strong man can admit when he's weak. A weak man never admits he needs help.

This month brought me:

  • An unexpected move
  • A car lost to a lightning strike
  • An unexpected financial crisis 48 hours before signing the lease on the new place

It was a month that would bury most people. Yet I survived and am thriving. Why?

  • I have a community to lean on for strength
  • I focused on solutions and not on the problems
  • I didn't sedate myself to avoid the challenges in front of me

When life throws coconuts at your head, remember, you're stronger than you think, you have people around you who support you, you will get through it, and everything works out the way it's supposed to.