Episode 002 - Father's Day

Father's Day: The Clearance Bin Of Holidays?

Let's face it, Father's Day can be the 'afterthought' holiday.

The kids are out of school, so there's no cool class project gifts like there are for Mother's Day. By the time June rolls around, there's already been 5 holidays to celebrate along with a birthday or two and possibly an anniversary. June is the time of transition from school schedule to summer schedule and vacation planning takes precedence. Plus, with the kids at home for the summer, the house is noisier, busier, and even more stressful.

Then along comes Father's Day.

The media tells us that Dads are all about barbecues, watches and ties, golf, and Omaha steaks.

For some Father's Day is a rough time, their Dad has passed away or their relationship with their father is broken, leaving a hole in their life.

Father's Day is a day to celebrate you and all you do for your family.

Dads, let's take back the holiday and celebrate it in a way that we want. Don't just settle for the usual, let your family know what you would like to do, what would really be meaningful on Father's day.