Episode 007 - Declare Your Independence

On the 4th of July in the states, we celebrate the independence of the colonies from King George III. The Declaration of Independence was our announcement to the world of what we were doing and why we were doing it. It set the tenor for the next few years as the colonists shrugged off the shackles of tyranny in order to define what America was going to be.

Today, us men are struggling under the despotism of hegemonic masculinity, or the social construct of what a man is supposed to be. This ideal has been passed down from generation to generation until it has become ingrained in our culture. Any deviation from this ideal is seen as weakness, as "feminization", and it's killing more and more men every year.

70% of all suicide deaths are men in the middle of their life. Within that group, veterans are a huge sub-group.

The world we live in today is different and changing faster and faster all the time. The more we try to live up to this ideal, the more we struggle with depression, sedation through booze, divorce, job instability. and outbursts of violence.

It's time to declare our independence from this social construct and define what it means to 'be a man' for ourselves.