Episode 19 - The Yin and Yang of Confidence And Insecurity

What do a rocket scientist and a runway model have in common?

Situational confidence.

We all have it. We all have confidence in certain areas of our lives and abject insecurity in others.

For some of us we're great in crowds, but not one-on-one. For others it's the opposite.

Some of us are confident daters, others not so much.

Some of us are great at putting ourselves out there...but only in certain situations.

We all like to believe we'd be much better off if we weren't insecure.

I disagree.

I believe it's our insecurities that help drive us to grow by wanting to overcome them.

My good friend Sam Crowley shared a post this week where he talked about how personal development gurus are really a ball of insecurity... some embrace and share them, others hide them.

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