Episode 45 - A McCain Sized Hole In The World

The world lost a lion this past week when Senator John McCain passed away.

Yet more than losing a lion of the Senate, the nation lost a big part of its soul. McCain was a man that served his country every hour of his adult life. He believed in something greater than himself, in an ideal of what could be.

He was the very model of "Duty. Honor. Country"

In a world of clickbait where people seek notoriety through social media, John was a man who put his head down and remained true to what he believed. He didn't seek being the latest viral sensation nor did he see self aggrandizement through the things he did.

He believed in something and spent his life in service of it.

Whether you agreed with him or not, and I had plenty of disagreements with him, he was steadfast in his resolve, humble in character, and honorable in actions.

He was the first to admit he'd screwed up and apologize. Even in his final message he admitted he was an imperfect man who made many mistakes yet lived a blessed life surrounded by family and friends.

He sought a higher ideal, one where people could disagree yet still work together to do what was right. 

The world lost a light when Sen. McCain passed. Yet I know, and those closest to him will say the same, that he would want his life to be an example for others. A life of duty, honor, integrity, service, and humility. 

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