Episode 41 - On The Wars Within Yourself

The other day on Instagram, I posted the following picture:

And if you look in the comments, I was asked the following question:

So you’ve turned your healing process into another war with yourself?

Yes. I have.

There are two wars we fight with ourselves.

1) The war between who we think we are and who we really are.
2) The war with those thoughts/beliefs/patterns we need to overcome if we want to move forward in life.

When you're ready to "know your enemy" and find your why as to why you keep sabotaging your life, then by all means, be gentle with yourself. There are many things about yourself that you didn't know or have the tools to handle differently. 

Extend yourself some grace when peeling back the layers of your subconscious beliefs and patterns.

Then...get ready to fight them.

You can't win a war unless you identify who you're fighting... 

As I responded to the questioner - 

The grace and healing came when I was uncovering all the crap I've been at war with yet didn't realize. Forgiving myself, asking others for forgiveness, owning up to my actions and responsibility, and the shit I've caused. The battle is in becoming a better version, in the growing, the moving forward when those demons tell me to stop. That's where the "fight"is, when things are hard, when things don't pan out, when I'm hurt and want to lash back or withdraw, in standing up for myself (something I haven't been good at the first 40 years of my life).

So be gentle in discovery, be ruthless in subduing negative patterns and beliefs.

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