Episode 38 - On Men, Space, And A Sense Of Belonging

The concept of the "man cave" is one that's permeated popular culture. It's a place where a man can 'be a man', a place that's wholly representative of who that man is, and, unfortunately, it's a place that's typically shoved to the outside of the home.

It's a place that's 'out of sight, out of mind'...and it leads to the belief that we don't belong within our own homes.

There are two types of space that men need:

1) Head space to process what we're going through... a space that allows us to be isolated without answering a bunch of questions

2) Space within the home to feel like we belong there. 

Stereotypically when two people get together, it's the man's things that get put out on the curb. We've forfeit our voice on how the inside of the home is put together. 

This leads to a sense of detachment, of being shoved to the perimeter, of not belonging within our own homes.

In this episode I discuss the need for us men to accept that we appreciate beauty and to not forfeit our voice on creating a home environment.

A home should reflect the aesthetic of both partners and us men need to be comfortable in expressing what we like, what we don't like, what we find beautiful, and how having space within the home is necessary to feeling like we belong there.

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