Episode 33 - Our Boys Are Broken: Masculinity, Mental Health, And Mass Shooters

Among the 35 OECD nations, mass shootings are a uniquely American and male phenomenon. Why is this? 

Without getting into the debate over gun policy, this episode dives into the secondary and tertiary discussions around mass shooters. Why men? Why American men in particular? Why not women? And why reflexively labeling the assailants as 'mentally ill' is offensive as hell.

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Episode 30 - Walls, Boundaries, And Social Media Stalkers

In today's social media heavy world, it's difficult if not impossible to avoid trolls, potshots from the peanut gallery, or petty bullsh*t. It's even more difficult to avoid it when relationships go south.  Building walls to keep out the riff raff is necessary. Boundaries are doors, the inspection points, that we allow those we want in our lives through.

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Episode026 - What Do Men Really Want? Appreciation

Ever notice how your man acts like he's conquered the world when he's done the dishes, folded laundry, or done some task around the house? Although it may seem silly, it's really not. He's looking for appreciation. Simple acts of service are one of the ways he shows you that he cares about you and if the response is one of sarcasm, you can be doing more damage to your relationship than you realize.

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Episode 25 - Quitting Is Leading, Too
Quitting is leading, too - Nelson Mandela


It seems counterintuitive that quitting could be considered leading. The old saying goes "winners never quit"... except they do.

They quit the things that don't serve them now. They quit the things that won't get them to where they want to be.

They quit their old life in order to build a new one.

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Episode 024 - Men, Are You Living A Dual Life?

Comfort and safety can kill a man, particularly if he's not living congruent with his core. Too many of us stay in jobs, in relationships, in the same physical and financial health because what we say we believe about them, about how important they are, is really a bullshit story. If you're not living congruent, you're living a lie and others will notice.

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Episode 018 - Don't Be A Tool, Use Your Tools

As Tony Robbins says, it's not resources, but your resourcefulness that ultimately determines your success. Just like people who couldn't find solutions to stock up on water before Hurricane Irma, most people go through life without the ability to adapt. You have plenty of tools besides a hammer in your box... and not everything in life looks like a nail.

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