Our Vision

Living With Passion, Power, And Purpose.


Are you coasting through life?.

Has your life become an endless cycle of sleep, work, eat, and sleep?

Have you seen all the dreams, plans, and goals you had as a younger man fade away?

 We learn what it is to'be a man' during our childhood and then, years down the road, we find ourselves staring in the mirror dreading yet another day at the office wondering exactly where it all went wrong.


A man living with purpose is a powerful, successful, and desirable. 

When you're living aligned with your purpose, there's no challenge in life you can't overcome.

My vision is to develop a generation of powerful men, living congruent with their soul's purpose, so that they can be better leaders, fathers, husbands, and friends who seek to make a lasting positive impact on their families and the world around them.


Christian Salafia
Founder - Second Life Coaching

Running my first half marathon at 43 years old. 

Running my first half marathon at 43 years old.