Find Your Freedom


I get it.

Life is hard and full of disappointments. You may even begin to feel that you are a disappointment, that it’s your lot in life to suffer constant disappointment in your career, your relationships, and in yourself.

I know this because that’s how I used to live. I felt that my life was destined to be a life of accepting the crumbs of success and happiness that came my way. I’ve lived through illness, divorce, soul sucking jobs, and more failures than I can count.

For the first 30+ years life, to me, was a shit sandwich served every day.

I wasn’t living my life, I was coasting, letting everything else dictate the terms of my life instead of dictating how my life was to be.

Then I discovered that life is that way ONLY if that’s what you accept life to be. If you’re living settling for average, you’ll end up with a life that’s less than average.

Here at Second Life Coaching, I’m all about showing you that you’re not broken, you’re not defined by your past, and getting you to believe in yourself and your potential once again.

There’s freedom in breaking the mental and emotional chains that keep you trapped in mediocrity. It’s the freedom to laugh, to smile, and to be the fully realized version of you that you were born to be.

Life may have knocked you down, but it hasn’t knocked you out. You may be bruised and battered, but deep down the truth is…

…you are unbroken.

~ Christian