When The Only Choices Are Bad You Still Have To Choose

Life is full of choices. In fact, your life is the cumulative sum of all the choices you've made in your lifetime. Sometimes you make good choices, sometimes you make bad choices, and sometimes there are only bad options and you have to pick one of the two, knowing both of them will cause you pain.

It's bad enough to have only shitty options in front of you, it's even worse when there are those who, by their action or inaction, are the ones forcing you to choose between those options.

Honestly, we've all been there.

It sucks to be at a fork in the road that is not of your own choosing, but one brought into existence by those without the courage or integrity to say with words what their actions have been saying for months.

So, what do you do when your options are "suck" and "suck"?

Good question.

Choose the one that is least likely to cause pain, anguish, resentment, etc....even if that means shouldering it all yourself. It sucks and it hurts, yet you know you're strong enough to handle it.

Accept that the other parties are who they are and they're doing the best they have with the tools they have in their box.

Forgive, forgive again, and continue to forgive.

Give yourself permission to hurt. Embrace your pain, your grief...don't bury it or it will become resentment.

Love those that hurt you. Refuse to return hurt with hurt. You don't need that shitty karma.

Breathe. You'll get through this. You're stronger than you know.

Find someone to talk to about it. Lean on others if you need to.



That's what I've doing.

Have you ever dealt with a situation where your only options were shitty ones? How did you handle it?

Share your story in the comments below and let's learn from each other.