What Does It Mean To Be A 'Real Man'?

Real Men Don't _________

I'll be honest. Whenever I see someone say 'real men ______' I throw up in my mouth a little. 99 times out of 100 whatever fills in the blank is going to be something that the person writing it sees as the only 'true' definition.

Yet, if you Google "what is a real man", a quick search returns over 121,000,000 results

So who is to say what a 'real man' really is and why am I writing about this?


You can't figure out how to get to your destination if you don't know where you're starting from. 

The destination is redefining manhood for the 21st Century. If we, as men, are unable to evolve then we simply become cavemen, relics of a bygone era, and irrelevant in today's society. And as society moves forward without you, it's inevitable you'll become bitter and angry and end up yelling at clouds.


...and seriously...who wants to be 'that guy'?

Now, we could get into great detail over what a 'real man' is and isn't, particularly when it comes to likes/dislikes/habits, but we'd end up where we started, defining a 'real man' by what we like/dislike and what our habits are.

Instead I suggest starting at a 30,000 foot view, sort of like putting the edge pieces together in a jigsaw puzzle so you know where the boundaries are.

Qualities of a "Real Man"

  • Empathetic
    ~ Being able to empathize with another person builds connection and trust.
  • Kind
    ~ Everyone you meet is fighting their own battles, be kind, you don't know their story.
  • Patient
    ~ Not everyone thinks or speaks the same way you do. Be patient and allow others to communicate in their own way.
  • Nurturing
    ~ Spend more time building people up. You'd be amazed what others can do with a little encouragement.
  • Teachable
    ~ You don't know everything... so remain teachable so you can grow.
  • Humble
    ~ Yeah, you're good, just let your actions speak instead of your words.
  • Supportive
    ~ Cheer others on... there's nothing that changes the world more than passionate people.
  • Congruent
    ~ When your beliefs/words/actions are all in alignment, you stand out from those who practice moral relativity.
  • Has Integrity
    ~ Do what is right, even when nobody is watching.
  • Honest
    ~ If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.
  • Approachable
    ~ Others will look to you for guidance. Be approachable. Remember, you once looked to others, too.

This is just a start.

What characteristics do YOU think a 'real man' has?