Top 10 Ways You Sabotage Your Happiness

You are your own worst enemy. It's not the haters or the critics that will destroy you and your dreams, it's you. You can and do sabotage yourself all the time. The biggest impediment to your success is the distance between your ears.

  1. Get Lazy
    Everyone feels unmotivated from time to time. It's ok to rest, just don't let the rest become permanent.
  2. Try To Look Good
    People can tell when you're putting on a show. They can smell bullshit a mile away. Be authentically you. Always.
  3. Operate From Fear
    Fear brings scarctiy. Operate from gratitude and the abundance will follow.
  4. Try To Be Liked/Loved
    You can't please everyone, so don't even try. Stay true to yourself and you'll reach who you're supposed to reach. Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  5. Listen To the Naysayers
    As Gary Vaynerchuck says - Respect everyone. Listen to noone. The peanut gallery wants to see you fail because they failed.
  6. Avoid Being Responsible
    When you screw up, own it. Period.
  7. Refuse To Do What It Takes
    It's going to take everything you got and you'll have to take risks. Jump in, but be smart, and don't be afraid to fail.
  8. Don't Be Willing To Be Judged
    Don't blunt yourself simply because others may judge you. Your authenticity is key to your power.
  9. Talk A Big Game But Take No Action
    Underpromise and overdeliver. If you screw up and miss a launch or a promise, see #6.
  10. Organize Yourself To Stay Comfortable
    Always push yourself to grow. The most dangerous thing about growth is becoming comfortable with your progress.

Invest In Yourself

We all have limiting beliefs that keep us from doing what we want and living the life we desire. They're ingrained in us from a very early age. By the time we're adults we accept these bullshit stories as truth and settle for less than we deserve.

The easiest way to get beyond self sabotage is to invest in yourself. Train your mind by reading, listening to podcasts, and meditation. Train your body by getting physically active and eating better.

Before you know it these stories will fall away and you'll be standing in your power, ready to change the world.

Christian Salafia