The Importance Of Rest

Rest To Be Successful

People don’t get enough sleep. If they did, they wouldn’t have to sleep on the train or bus during their commute. Hopefully, people who drive to work don’t attempt the same, although sometimes people do fall asleep at the wheel.

Rest is similar to sleep. You need to get enough sleep. This will help you feel refreshed. However, rest can be extended to include taking a break, even when you are awake. For instance, you probably have heard personal trainers say take a rest, although they don’t do this as often as we’d like.

Sometimes, getting rest can be as simple as watching television or reading a book. Your mind is busy with the day’s events and unwinding can be attributed to your rest.

To further the idea of exercise, you need to let your body rest when using weights. The muscles break down and need time to build back up. Without rest, those muscles develop incorrectly and in the long term can lead to problems. Pros suggest working with weights every other day, three days a week.

If you are doing cardio exercise, and you should, you need to make sure you take rest periods here as well. For instance, when you use the treadmill, it’s okay to increase the speed and the elevation for short periods, but then rest in between intervals. You will get much more out of your cardio workout when you do this.

Substances such as alcohol and drugs can interrupt your rest. For instance, if you drink more than two drinks of alcohol, you may fall asleep faster but you will wake up in the middle of the night. It will be more difficult to get back to sleep because you were in such a deep sleep. Drugs alter sleep and rest patterns as well. When you abuse drugs, you are putting your body on a roller-coaster ride which disrupts your normal routine.

Your diet can mess with your ability to rest as well. If you constantly eat spicy foods or the wrong types of foods, your stomach will experience distress. It’s quite difficult to get any rest when this happens. You may take antacids to alleviate the distress, but this should not be looked upon as a long-term solution.

Rest and sleep are both ways to recharge your mind and your body. Without it, you will be irritable and you could be putting your health in danger.

The Benefits Of Sleep

Sleep is a natural bodily function just as breathing, eating and drinking are. What you may not realize is just how beneficial sleep is for you and why. Did you know that you will spend a third of your life sleeping?

Everyone recognizes the importance of sleep. You know you feel tired and have no energy when you miss sleep, plus your moods and general well being change.

A ton of research has gone into understanding the benefits of sleep. Sleep has been shown to help improve immune function, your metabolism, memory as well as your ability to learn. Sleep is required so that your body can run and perform at optimal levels.

Sleep has been shown to help your learning and memory function. There are two main benefits connected with this and sleep. The first one is quite simple and that is a person who is deprived of sleep just cannot focus properly, so they will not learn effectively. The second benefit is that after learning something new your memory consolidates this information while sleeping. So studying just before going to bed is a good thing.

Getting adequate sleep has been linked with living longer. Research shows that people who slept under 5 hours per night were more likely to die early. This does not mean that you want to oversleep either, too much sleep is also connected with a shorter life span.

Your health can also be affected by the quality of your sleep. People who sleep less than 6 hours a day often suffer with health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, suffering from a stroke and heart disease.

This has been linked to them having more inflammatory protein levels in their blood. When these issues are treated and more sleep is accomplished the protein levels have been shown to decline.

Your creativity levels, athleticism and school grades can all improve by sleeping more. It was discovered that many children with ADHD were actually sleep deprived.  It is recommended that young children get more than 8 hours of sleep per night.

If you are trying to lose sleep has additional benefits. Dieters who sleep more find that they can lose weight quickly. This is because your metabolism and sleep are controlled by the same areas of your brain. If losing weight is your goal, then try and get a good night's rest every night.

As you can see sleep really does have a major impact on your life. If you are having difficulty sleeping then look for ways to improve this.

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