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Relationships 101: When The Complaining Stops, Your Relationship Is In Trouble

When a man is still interested in a woman, he will usually try to talk things out or work on things.  

It's when he stops trying to talk things that that you have to worry. Some will take the silence as a sign that the objection has been handled. 

Unless the complaining has shifted to words of appreciation for taking him seriously, the silence means he's checked out.

Once he's checked out, it won't be long before his needs will begin being met elsewhere.

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Relationships 101: The Trap Of Expectations

When appreciation turns into expectation your relationship is in danger. By expecting instead of appreciating, you're robbing your partner of their ability to impress you and setting them up for failure. Your partner wants to show you what you and your relationship means to them and to be appreciated for doing so. When it turns into expectation, it's easy to be disappointed and your partner will feel you're disappointed in them. Eventually they may give up trying to show you appreciation because they feel no matter what they do it's not good enough.

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5 Ways To Lose The 'Perfect Guy'

Being vulnerable isn't easy for a man, any man. It's scary and fraught with emotion and not usually something that comes naturally for him. When a man allows himself to be open and vulnerable with you, he's exposing a part of himself that is very delicate. I'm not saying he has to be handled with kid gloves, but he does have to be handled with care. These are just a few things that can cost you the 'perfect guy'. A man who chooses to be vulnerable with you, who chooses to give his heart to you, is a man to be treasured and appreciated.

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