Helen Mirren's 5 Rules For A Happier Life

Dame Helen Mirren was the commencement speaker for Tulane University's 2017 graduating class. In her speech, she laid out her 5 rules for a happier life

Don't Be In A Rush To Get Married

Just don't. Being married is difficult enough at times without the added pressure of being 22, 23 years old. I rushed into my first marriage at 21 and it lasted 3 and a half years. Although I did get two beautiful daughters from the trainwreck, if I had to do it all over again, I would have waited.

Don't let the fear of 'being alone' push you into an unwise commitment.

Treat People Just Like People

Everyone. All the time. A little kindness and human decency goes a long way.

Ignore Those Who Judge How You Look

Conformity is for suckers. Be you. Be unique. Express yourself in a way that is true to your soul. You'll always have haters... but you may be inspiring greatness in someone else by simply being you.

Don't Be Afraid Of Fear

Fear that keeps you alive is good fear. Fear that keeps you stagnant and keeps you from trying new things is bad fear. Don't let the bad fear rule your life.

Don't Overcomplicate Things

You can think yourself out of doing almost anything. You can talk yourself out of leaping at that once in a lifetime opportunity sitting right in front of you. 


Just jump.

As Crash Davis said in Bull Durham

Don't think, meat... just throw.

In Short...Give Zero Fucks

When you're concerned about what everyone else thinks about you.. remember.. they're too busy having the same thoughts to give two shits about you.

Just be you. The world needs you... there's nobody else that can fill your shoes.

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