To Be Successful - Turn Your Crap Into Compost

Eventually Crap Turns Into Compost

So, this morning I sat here, staring at the blinking cursor, wondering just what f*cking brilliance I had to share with the world today. I'd sit, write a few words, and then send the crap I just wrote to the recycle bin. Frustrated, I bopped over to Facebook and lo and behold the universe smacked me right in the face.

A friend of mine who has been dealing with his own challenges posted the following:

Watching the crap of life turn into compost is encouraging.


Absolutely brilliant.

Compost is a fertilizer that can be made from most of the leftover crap you have. Food, coffee grounds, old newspapers, and even dryer lint can be turned into compost.

In the beginning, though, thrown together it looks like one giant pile of crap.

Kind of like life sometimes.

Sand, Oysters, Pearls, And All That Jazz

When you're standing in the giant crap pile, it's often difficult to see the good that can come from it. Plus, as people, we tend to LOVE our problems because we think they make us special. Misery loves company and talking about our problems is a one hell of an addiction. We know it's bad for us, but man, sympathy is one helluva drug.

But if all you ever do is talk about your problems, point out the crap around you, you'll carry that stench with you everywhere you go. Seriously, who wants to walk around life smelling like shit?

Wallowing in your troubles is akin to a pig wallowing in mud. It may feel good, but all you'll end up is dirty and stinky.

Fertilize Your Future

A simple shift in your perspective can give you plenty of stuff to turn into compost. Every challenge has a lesson.

Make a bad decision? Don't make that same one again.

Trust someone you knew you shouldn't have? Listen to your gut next time.

Recognize some of the crap as yours? Own it.

I know it sounds simple, and I also know it can be painful and difficult to find the gem amid the manure.

Trust me...if you learn to make compost out of the crap in your life leading up to now, the garden you'll grow will make Eden look like a vacant lot.