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Why You Should Embrace Rejection
“Stop being afraid to be who you are. There is no reason that you must live up to some sort of societal expectation. Be who you are without fear of rejection. Be the one who accepts you.”

If you are afraid of rejection, you’d be wise in getting over that. You’ll find that rejection can help you get more of what you want out of life if you use it in a constructive manner. Don’t let it get you down. Just keep moving forward.

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The Truth About Motivation

You're rebelling against where you are and who you are. You're rebelling against all of those people telling you who and what you should be, how you should act, how you should look....

You're rebelling against conformity.

So, no, I'm not here to motivate you to change.

I'm here to inspire you to rebel.

And that beats the shit out of motivation any day.

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The Road To Inner Peace Runs Through Forgiveness

When you genuinely forgive people, you will let go of the anger and tense feelings towards them. They no longer have the power over you that they had when those feelings welled up inside of you. Of course, you can’t pretend to forgive them only to still be angry at them. You need to truly let it go, which is not easy for most people to do.

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Dear Men - Find Your Tribe, You Need One

A 21st Century man surrounds himself with other men who are honest, vulnerable, and committed to continually growing into the best versions of themselves.

Men need community, a tribe, to be vulnerable with, to be accountable to, and to lean on for advice and help when things get rough. Accountability essentially means 'being held responsible for the things you do'. It's essentially a form of responsibility that basically means 'the buck stops with you' and it's actually incredibly important.

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Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.

For most of my life, I've lived between the extremes of anxiety and depression. I'm a chronic worrier and have been known to make myself physically sick over an imagined future. I'm also a very emotional and introspective man which can, and has, brought on bouts of depression while thinking of missed opportunities along with things and people I've lost.

Honestly, sometimes living in my head can be hell. 

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Relationships 101: When The Complaining Stops, Your Relationship Is In Trouble

When a man is still interested in a woman, he will usually try to talk things out or work on things.  

It's when he stops trying to talk things that that you have to worry. Some will take the silence as a sign that the objection has been handled. 

Unless the complaining has shifted to words of appreciation for taking him seriously, the silence means he's checked out.

Once he's checked out, it won't be long before his needs will begin being met elsewhere.

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Relationships 101: The Trap Of Expectations

When appreciation turns into expectation your relationship is in danger. By expecting instead of appreciating, you're robbing your partner of their ability to impress you and setting them up for failure. Your partner wants to show you what you and your relationship means to them and to be appreciated for doing so. When it turns into expectation, it's easy to be disappointed and your partner will feel you're disappointed in them. Eventually they may give up trying to show you appreciation because they feel no matter what they do it's not good enough.

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