5 Ways To Boost Your Self Image

Identifying the Positive in Yourself


It’s fairly easy to identify all your flaws and faults. If you’re suffering from low self-esteem, you hold them in your mind and eventually it becomes very difficult to find the positive things about you.


While it’s good to be honest about yourself and admit to your shortcomings, it’s imperative that you also know what’s good about you so you can maintain a self-image that will carry you to success in both your personal and business endeavors.


Here are five tips to help you identify the positive traits you have.


  1. Make a list of good things about you – For example, you may be a great mom or dad who focuses on your children’s needs. Or, you may be a leader who inspires others to be the best they can be. Write down the qualities you think about and you’ll likely think of more as you progress.
  2. How do you help others? – Are you a volunteer with an organization, your children’s school or other ways? Are you a good listener? Sometimes people need someone who can listen and not pass judgment about them.
  3. You make it a point to learn something every day – Those who aren’t learning are stagnant. If you read a book every day, engage in a sport or hobby that you enjoy, you’re a person who learns.
  4. Try things without fear – If you face your fears by consistently trying new things, that’s a trait you can be proud of. Each time you face an innate fear head on, you improve your self-esteem.
  5. Are you a good model for others? – Striving to live up to your values and standards each day makes you a great example for others. It’s one of the best traits a leader can have to inspire others.


Remember, you are unique. You don’t have to replicate others to be a great person.  Identifying the positive traits in yourself helps you to combat those negative voices in your mind that try to tell you you’re unworthy or don’t have what it takes to be successful.

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