Understanding Your Emotions 101

It’s normal to let our emotions get the best of sometimes because after all, we are human beings. However, our emotions can cause a lot of problems for us if we don’t learn to understand and manage them.

We can either use our emotions for good or we can fall apart… let’s not have that happen.

Well, if you want to learn how to understand your emotions, you’ll need to make some changes. But the good thing is, these changes will allow you to experience your emotions without them having them control you.

What Do Our Emotions Mean?

Our emotions are an emotional response to external circumstances. When we’re sad, it’s because some experience has caused this. Same thing when we’re angry or happy. Our minds create a reality for us and we respond accordingly.

Why do people not understand their emotions if it’s such a simple concept?

No one said emotions weren’t extremely powerful and tough to manage. In fact, our minds are one of the most powerful things we own. We learn cognitive behavior from the world around us, and some research has even concluded that we are not innately emotional beings but our environmental factors influence the cognitive function of experiencing emotions.

How Can We Get A Better Understanding of Our Emotions?

Let’s learn about how to understand your emotional experiences. Emotions mean we are aware of our surroundings. It means we notice when something makes us feel a certain way.

When we take our emotions and express them through our words and actions, we are learning to have emotional regulation through emotion-relations, which allow most people to develop better social skills as a result.

Emotions heavily influence our decision making ability and are even dominant drivers for our decisions. Our decisions can cause us to be fearful, depressed, optimistic etc.

If we can understand that emotions should not influence your decisions, then you’ll better be able to manage them. If we acted on every emotion we had, we’d be a mess and likely would not get anywhere in life.

So what do we need to do to manage our emotions?

• Practice some sort of meditation.

• Embrace meaningful relationships and be open to learning from people who are mentally strong.

• Think before you act or speak

• Get a journal and write down how you react to daily situations.

• Talk with a therapist

If you make the habit of being aware of your emotions a daily thing, you’ll soon have control over them. Emotions don’t have to dictate how we react to certain situations and they don’t have to define us.

They are simply emotions… but if you want to manage them better than spend more time with yourself. Meditate and take time to breath and practice getting to know yourself.

Thinking before you act is a great way to think whether a decision is rational or not, and writing down your behaviors can allow you to go back and tackle problem areas. If you must see a therapist, then don’t be afraid to do so.

Some techniques like CBT can really help with managing and understanding your emotions.

Emotions Are Created By Your perception to Reality and Your Responses to Circumstances

Learn to understand how your mind functions. We are human beings and emotions are completely normal. Although we cannot avoid all emotions, we can control how we respond to situations.

The best to do is to tackle your emotions when you’re in the moment and you can rewire your brain to react to stimuli differently.

Remember, you are in control of your emotions and it’s your responsibility to understand and manage them. Lifestyle changes might be necessary but you’ll be happier and more mentally strong.