Where Your Focus Goes, Your Energy Flows

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Life is funny.

We spend most, if not all of it, either running away from something or running towards something, both literally and metaphorically. And because our brains are seemingly wired in a way that the negative is more easily seen and recognized, most people live their life in the following way:

Focused on what they don't want and running away from something.

People act in accordance with who they think they are.

If your primary motivation in life is to get away from insignificance, you'll naturally see and attract insignificance.

If you believe you can't lose weight or get healthy, you'll naturally see and attract an unhealthy lifestyle along with years of yo-yo dieting.

If you think you're not loveable, you'll naturally see and attract unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships.

Things just work that way. It's like when you buy a new car, you start seeing it all over the roads when you hardly saw your car at all before you signed on the dotted line.

Everything is energy.

There's a part of your brain called the reticular activating system that is programmed by what you focus on and what you identify with.

When you focus on something—the vacation you’re going to take, the meeting you’re about to go into, the project you want to launch—that focus instantly creates ideas and thought patterns you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Even your physiology will respond to an image in your head as if it were reality.
— David Allen

Your brain doesn't know what's real and what isn't. This is why visualization is so incredibly powerful. The last line in the above quote is the key.... your physiology will respond to an image in your head as if it were real.

This is why we get stressed and anxious when we imagine having the hard conversations or dream up worst case scenarios.

This is also why meditation works to reduce stress and anxiety, along with lowering your heart rate and slowing your breathing.

Your body responds to what you think. And what you think, both consciously and subconsciously becomes the program your RAS runs by.

So, if your life is motivated by running or moving away from something you want to change, your focus is going to be on what you don't want and all you'll see are roadblocks.

Conversely, if you shift your motivation to running or moving towards something, you will begin to develop laser focus on what you do want and unknown opportunities will begin to appear like magic.

Remember...it's all in your head.

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