Jimmy Kimmel Tackles Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity is a cancer in society. It affects men, women, our children and can spread like wildfire throughout social media. When Jimmy Kimmel told the story of his sick child and cried on national TV a conservative street artist thought it'd be funny to compare him to a woman. Kimmel, in his own style, responded to this anonymous troll in the best way.

Five Reasons to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Sometimes it's difficult to see all the good things within our lives. Our brains are trained to focus on the negatives and when we do, we miss out on the positives. Keeping a gratitude journal is an excellent way to retrain our brains to see the good in our lives and can create an attitude of gratitude in you that you carry forward.

Learning to Endure

The road towards any goal is going to have inevitable setbacks. Those setbacks are just to be expected as a part of the process of expanding and growing as a person.

Being able to endure setbacks, and even embrace them as lessons, will go a long way towards making the process of achieving your goals faster and easier.

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Obstacles can actually be a blessing! Obstacles are often the path to great success and achievement. The obstacle isn’t really a roadblock. It’s an opportunity.

All of our thoughts are clouded by inaccurate perceptions of past experiences, false beliefs, and fear. Filtering out these mental obstacles requires skill. However, with practice, it’s possible to keep your emotions under control. With a clear mind, only the truth remains. When you see the truth, you’re starting from the perfect place.

5 Ways To Lose The 'Perfect Guy'

Being vulnerable isn't easy for a man, any man. It's scary and fraught with emotion and not usually something that comes naturally for him. When a man allows himself to be open and vulnerable with you, he's exposing a part of himself that is very delicate. I'm not saying he has to be handled with kid gloves, but he does have to be handled with care. These are just a few things that can cost you the 'perfect guy'. A man who chooses to be vulnerable with you, who chooses to give his heart to you, is a man to be treasured and appreciated.

Is Your Partner Sabotaging Your Success?

A man driven to reach success needs his partner to be supportive. He'll stumble, fall, and get frustrated along the way and if his partner continually sabotages him, he'll become filled with resentment. If you're a guy who feels like your partner is sabotaging you, there's ways to know and ways to handle it.

How To Soothe Your Mind

Stress is a part of our everyday lives, like it or not. That being the case, it is necessary for us to learn stress-relieving techniques that will help defray the eventual cost of that stress. 
Here are three techniques that will help relieve stress: